Sandscapes is a Creative-Critical workshop and conference held over 2 days in Morecambe. Emerging from the discipline of literary studies, the workshop will consist of participants from multiple disciplines to explore the relationship between the creative and the critical in approaches to lived place. The event will involve creative workshops as well as more conventional academic papers and readings on the theme of sand and sandscapes, approached as a material actuality and a conceptual metaphor for the movement and change that the seaside town represents. The ‘material turn’ in the arts has focused on human relationship with landscape while geographers writing on place are increasingly turning to creative writing or other creative arts for what they can methodologically and conceptually offer the study of place and landscape. The participants will be working on one aspect of sandscapes and will explore what creative practice can bring to our understanding of the seaside town, this liminal space that is both landscape and seascape. We also seek to explore how these frameworks are negotiated by those who live, work, study and play in the seaside town.